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What role does location play in deciding on a real estate property?

17 Jun

Choosing the right location is the most important factor one should consider carefully before making a good investment in real estate. Location of your property will have the biggest impact on its value and your everyday life. Buying a property in a good location will give you the best return and satisfaction. But a bad location can cause inconvenience. So make this decision very carefully.
Here are the characteristics that make a location good:

NEIGHBORHOOD: People want to live at such a place where they will feel comfortable and safe. It’s good to be surrounded with good feelings and the neighbors play a vital role in it. Many people prefer to live near the others who are like them and it’s good to buy a property where you can get a good environment around your family.

CONNECTIVITY LINKS: Living at a place that is well connected to the Market, Hospital, and School; is an essential factor. A property that has good connectivity links makes it perfect for living. Nobody wants to live far from amenities like restaurants, shops and public transport.

CLOSE TO WORK: A home located within walking distance of your workplace is one of the most desirable things people have in mind while choosing a property. Living near to your workplace can save your money and time. It can have a major impact on your life that you can get more time to spend with family; which is one the most valuable things in life.

SAFETY: If you are buying home, safety should be a top consideration. A place in which is safe for your family alone at home. A place that is safe enough to go outside anytime is very important for living and for business also. Property in an area with high crime rate may also be hard to sell and you will not get a good price if you plan to sell.

PROXIMITY TO RELATIVES AND FRIENDS: Living too far from family and friends can be a big problem for you. You cannot see them regularly. So it is important to think about the proximity so that your loved ones can easily visit your place. It is also important to have the people around you in case of emergency.

FUTURE GROWTH: If you look through any real estate magazine, you will find that everyone is focusing on ‘location’. It is just because of the growth and rise in the value of the property. And if you plan to relocate at some other place, you can get high returns by selling the property.
Keeping all these things in mind, you can make a superb decision.

A bad location can be a big problem for buyers and sellers. Selling a property located in crime ridden area is a tough task. You can never get a satisfactory margin after selling such property. Properties in these areas can be available at low rates. But who wants to live next door to a drug dealer?
Your property is your comfort and safe zone and location plays most important role in choosing property. It can determine the future value of your investment.
Choosing a business location requires proper research and planning. A place that can fulfill your needs, a place that you can afford is really very important for business. A good location helps you in maintaining a n image and lifestyle. Being aware of taxes and hidden cost is very important. Specially for starters, these factors can have major impact on your business.
Choosing location is about more than just choosing land or building, it is a key to your overall success and growth.