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The Missing Ingredient

19 Jan

No one will be awarded if they care about rapes, many of us don’t want to invest time in reading about rape cases. I would like to thank you that you are giving your time in reading this.

Rape,one of the most disgustful crimes and it is increasing day by day. Government is thinking to reduce the crime; people are making their own philosophy. Yet the rate of crime is increasing. To reduce a crime we have to put away our feelings, emotions to find out the solution. We have to be honest in accepting the reasons to decrease the crime logically.

So let us find out “THE MISSING INGREDIENTS”  and try to solve this problem to defend the daughters, the mothers, the sisters…

  • Our Language:  Words are powerful and they become more powerful when spoken by people with power. In the society words are often used to put women down. Calling a girl or woman “Freak”, “Whore” or “Bitch” is common. Such language sends a message that women are not fully human. When we get familiar with such language it becomes easier to disregard their rights and to treat them with less respect.
  • Our Organizations:   Team work helps in achieving a goal. Making an organization in college, neighborhood, society, friend circle, office and working as a team to reduce crime can easily help us. But we don’t do this.
    Watching news and talking about rape cases can never help.
    Join or donate to an organization working to prevent violence against women.
    Rape will not be taken seriously until everyone knows how common it is.
  • Our Families: Our families play a major role. Girls and boys are not allowed to learn about maturing and puberty at the right age.
    They are not allowed to express their feelings in public. Even a simple friendly hug or holding hands gets lots of “Oooos” and stares. Hugging in public is a “no! no!”
    Even our parents don’t touch each other in public.
    Most of the time touching, hugging, holding hands is just a way to express happiness, joy and friendship. I don’t thing that touching someone we love, in public is a pervert act. It doesn’t always mean that people want physical relationship.
    And when our children grow up with such mentality, they never held hands, touched another person affectionately and finally they do it at extreme level or raping. So the boys and girls should be carefully nurtured and educated about adulthood and relationships.

– Abhinav Sakalle


A Bold Move

16 Jan

is an organized collection of belief systems, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values.
Religion is a tree and humanity is a branch of it.
Religion is a personal identity and we all are getting self-centered in these days. So, humanity, which is matter of welfare of all, is not that important for us today.
People are fighting over whose God is greater, I think they don’t know that It’s not religion, it’s humanity that has motivated people to come up with religions.
But still they are fighting over such silly things because religion promises to give protection in present life and heaven after death (There is no proof of heaven or hell but still we are following these stupid rules) where as humanity has no such allurement.
If you are religious at all it is overwhelmingly probable that your religion is that of your parents. If you were born in Muslim family and you think Islam is true and Hinduism or Christianity is false, knowing full well that you would think the opposite if you had been born in a Hindu / Christian family, you are the victim of childhood indoctrination.
In India at the time of partition, more than a million people were massacred in religious riots between Hindus and Muslims (and fifteen million displaced from their homes). There were no badges other than religious ones with which to label whom to kill. Ultimately, there was nothing to divide them but religion.
For many people the main reason they cling to religion is not that it is consoling, but that they have been let down by our educational system and don’t realize that non-belief is even an option.
Religion is only made real by the minds that believe it is real.  And religion will exist as long as there is fear – fear of ourselves, fear of death, fear of each other.  Religion thrives on fear.  And powerful people take advantage of this.  They have always done their best to silence anyone who questions.
The claim of all religions is that you will be freed from pain and suffering if you believe.  But I have not found this to be true.
We are not a child who needs rules and boundaries and bedtime stories. We are adults who are open to the full experience of birth, life, death, and what lies beyond.

Imagine a world with no religion. Imagine no suicide bombers, no 9/11, no 26/11, no Indian partition, no honor killing. The universe is full of inspiration, a beautiful and heroic place made even more amazing without the existence of a man-made Religion and dictator…


– Abhinav Sakalle